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Central Kentucky Dirt Works, LLC is a fully insured family owned and operated business established  July 2021. Chris Jacobs and Brandon Heady are the owners and operators. Chris Jacobs is a life-long resident of Grayson County, KY.  Brandon Heady is a life-long resident of Hardin County, KY area. Each have the experience and passion for operating any piece of heavy equipment and making a vision come to life. 

 We will offer suggestions of what would be the best option for the project you are envisioning upon assessing the property during a Free Estimate. We do not provide blanket service fees, we have to set our eyes on the property and have a conversation about what you are envisioning. We want to do the job right the first time!


We are committed to offering fair priced services and being a reliable company you can count on to show up and provide professional services. We take pride in each project we are blessed to be a part of and love taking pictures to share on our Facebook page of the progress being made. Granted we don't always get pictures uploaded to Facebook of all services, so if you would like to follow along on your project through pictures please make sure we know this or if you would not like your property pictures shared we need to know this as well.  Follow us on Facebook to see others who have trusted us to make their vision come to life. We look forward to meeting you!

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